CMS Supports Second Story

Second Story, located in Fairfax County, VA, transforms the lives of children and youth, helping them stay safe, make positive decisions, achieve educational success, and overcome personal crises. They offer children, youth and families hope by providing counseling, shelter and neighborhood-based support.

Like many charities, Second Story’s needs have increased during the Covid-19 crisis. Many of the youth in their programs who work hourly jobs have been laid off, resulting in more need for food, resources, and rental support. Their client’s progress toward greater income has been delayed because of job training programs or secondary schools being put on hold. Many families from the Community Based Programs who rely on hourly jobs have lost their income as well as the support for their children usually provided at school every day.

CMS continues to support the clients of Second Story during these extremely difficult times. To provide some perspective on the importance of the financial support Second Story needs, $100 provides three weeks of food for a young woman and her child at Second Story for Young Mothers, $250 provides five therapy sessions through these challenging and often anxious times, and $1,500 covers approximately two months of rent and resources for a young person in Second Story for Homeless Youth.